Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vespa Spot (8)

Today whilst venturing along Shijo Dori, at the intersection of Teramachi / Shijo, I discovered at the traffic lights this well weathered Vespa.

Ridden by a girl, who I believe was most shocked that a Gaijin (Foreigner) was taking photo's of her, she seemed to be having the same problem faced by most Vespa riders.
If you view the close up photo of her hand on the left hand grip, you will note she is trying to do something with both hands. What she is attempting to do is get the bike out of first gear and into neutral whilst stationary. It is a common problem that when idling in first gear, even with pulling in the clutch, its extremely difficult to get the Vespa into neutral. Whilst this is happening, the bike is normally creepeing forward or you are burning out the clutch.

Oh the joys of a Vespa!!

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