Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Aid......again!

Well its been a while since I the Vespa has had to go back to Shirai san to have some work done, but for a while now, there has been a disturbing problem.

Quite a while ago, before changing to a new set of tyres, I noticed the right side of the front wheel was rubbing on the forks. Slowly this was eating away the side of the tyre. The risk being of course that the sidewall of the tyre would wear through and eventually cause a puncture. Hopefully not at high speed.

Once I changed the tyres (an earlier blog post), the problem didn't go away and I certainly didn't want to wreck a brand new tyre.

So off again to Shirai san, who initially though the problem was a worn spindle that attaches the hub to the front forks. (See part 45 in the attached photo). However after changing this, there was little improvement so he also had to replace bearings surrounding the front axle (see part 10 in the attached photo). This has rectified the problem and the Vespa is back on the road....... for the mean time!