Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the beginning.......

Where do I start.

As middle age approaches with baldness well set in, the desire to spoil ones self takes hold. Some men buy a convertible, others find a young girlfriend. Me, I buy a 1967 VBC Vespa.
One has to wonder why grown men feel the need to ride a scooter when in general they are relatively embarrassing. I still ask myself the same question, but a Vespa is different. To learn a little about the history, click here to find out how the Vespa came about: .
I think I always liked them. A friend from way back had a rusty old one up the side of his house. He told me that you changed gear using the hand grip and for some reason that sounded interesting. I always had traditional bikes, where you changed gears with your feet, but it never really drove me to buy one. But here we are, 20 years later, belting around the streets of Kyoto, sounding like a wasp on steroids annoying anyone that doesn't appreciate what I am riding.
150cc's of 2 stroke, blue smoke fun!!
This blog (at present) is just about my adventures on my Vespa.........and anything else that I may think of.