Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shizuhara - 31 May 2009

What was meant to be a great day riding with fellow Vespa's owners to Miyama, (about 130km return trip) turned out to be a trip to hospital thanks to my daughter gouging herself with a chisel and adding 5 stitches to her hand yesterday.

This effectively meant another trip to the hospital this morning to change the dressing, and this meant I missed the 10am start for the Vespa ride.

All was not lost however, as the afternoon weather was beautiful, thus I set out on my own heading north to Ohara. Once arriving at Ohara, I turned left and headed west to Shizuhara and then Kibune & Kurama. After Kibune, I headed south, for Horikawa Dori and then home.

The ride isn't too long, about 40km's, however it heads up a meandering mountain, the across a flat level surrounded by the Shizuhara village and rice fields. This areas is particularly beautiful and allowed me to take some shots of the Vespa on a rusty old bridge and beside some rice fields.
Unfortunately I didn't take any shots of Kibune and Kurama and will save these for Autumn when they truly stand out.

I am unable to tell you what is so special about Shizuhara as Wikipedia doesn't say anything about it and most sites are in Japanese. All I can say its a lovely place to ride through with very little traffic.

However, whilst the ride was nice, I would have loved to be on the ride with Shirai san and company and the annoying sound of multiple Vespa's belting through the country side of Kyoto.

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