Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kiyamachi Dori & Gion - 24 May 2009

Today I planned to take a long ride somewhere into the country and awoke early to sprinkling rain. The quick decision to return to bed was the preferred option, but by 9am the urge to get on the Vespa was too strong, so off I went.

As my planned ride was later than expected, I thought I would stick to the local areas.

My first stop was Kiyamachi Dori. This is one of my favourite streets in Kyoto. I am fortunate enough that its just behind my work, and particularly in spring this is a beautiful street. The entire length of it is always very pleasant.

The shots below were taken between Shijo Dori and Gojo Dori.

A small piece of information regarding Kiyamachi can be found here:

After leaving Kiyamachi Dori, I headed east along Matsubara Dori, that is effectively a one way bridge over the Kamogawa River.

The shots show the Vespa parked on the bridge, looking north highlighting the restaurants that line Kiyamachi Dori. At this time of year and throughout summer, the restaurants have outdoor dining areas set up.

After crossing the bridge on Matsubara Dori, I headed North East into Gion. Gion is famous for Geisha's, but it also has many unique buildings, restaurants and bars, and is now well known as an entertainment area with many "hostess" bars.

Probably the most photographed area around Gion is Shirakawa Dori. This is a beautiful tree-lined street, with many traditional houses, predominantly converted to restaurants. The shots below show the Vespa in the most commonly photographed spots.

Some more information regarding Gion can be found here:

Finally before returning home, I headed a little further North East and took some more shots of the Vespa along a small canal that runs of Sanjo Dori, just east of Kawabata Dori.

You will note if you look closely the blue smoke exiting the exhaust of the Vespa. At the time I was parked opposite a florist shop, and I got the idea they weren't impressed with the sight or smell! However just before riding away (in a rush), the shop owner commented what a nice bike it maybe the smell or noise was abated by the Vespa's looks.

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