Saturday, May 9, 2009

Arashiyama - 9 May 2008

Today the temperature in Kyoto reached an unseasonably but balmy 30 degrees Celsius. There is no better way to spend a warm morning than taking the Vespa for ride.

Arishiyama is less than 10km's from my house and is located on the Oi River. The river and mountain area is quite spectacular and there are many temples and shrines of historical significance in the area. Along with this, there are many traditional restaurants and ryokan's.

My favourite however is the residential district and you will see a photo of the Vespa outside a traditional Japanese House. The gardens are beautifully manicured and the azalea's are in full bloom.

The vespa is probably a little loud for the Arashiyama and surrounds, but its hard not to enjoy the ride when the weather is this good!

More about Arashiyama here:

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