Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vespa Spot (23)

Some words of advice. Do not drive during any holiday period in Japan!

I keep hearing this advice, but for some reason, I keep ignoring it. So again, with naivety or stupidity, during the Silver Week (an extended holiday period in September), I thought the 47km drive to Nara to visit some famous temples would be easy.

3.5hrs later, the famous temples had half of Japan visiting them. Seems like everyone had the same idea as us. Anyway, the temples are amazing and those people keen on feeding deer will have a ball, as there are hundreds of them to feed.

Anyway, back to the Vespa blog. On the drive back (which only took 1.5hrs), my youngest daughter noticed we were being tailed by a Vespa. So with her best photography, she snapped these "on the go" action shots.

Nara is an amazing place and was the capital of Japan well before Tokyo and Kyoto. More can be found about Nara here:


  1. Hi Clive and Kaori, I just want to thank you for the nice t-shirt and dress. I know that you think that they should go to KIS for the kids halloween party, but the T-shirt looks really good on me so I will keep it.
    Kaori your picture of the horse on the beach is so good so I don't know what to....


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  3. Hi Clive

    I just found your blog and I have enjoyed reading all your posts, it looks like you have a great time touring around Kyoto on your vintage vespa . I too have a vespa here in Niigata City that I'm currently working on and hopefully it will be on the road soon. Check out my blog if you like

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  4. Just found your blog... great stuff, if you have a moment check out my vespa film. Cheers,

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